DELIVERY to Your Hotel

We can deliver bicycles to your hotel.

Staff Tetsuo

Year-End & New Year Opening Hours
  • Delivery service is NOT available on January 1st, 2024.


Basic Information

Phone +81-90-8576-0794
We’re sorry, we can’t answer the phone while driving.

Delivery Area

Opening Hours

From 8:30 am to 6:00 pm
Basic Time (1day)
Basic Time.
From 6:01 pm to 10:00 pm
Late Return
As a Late Return charge, ¥400 will be added.

Bicycle Lineup

About Delivery and Picking-up fee
We charge ¥1,000 per bicycle as delivery and picking-up fee.
About The Use Time
The basic use time is from 8:30 to 18:00. If you would like to use bicycles outside of the basic time, please take “Late Return Option”.

City Cruisers

  • B type (3 gearshifts)1,200 yenThe most popular bicycle at our shops.

Electric Assist Bicycles

  • EA type (Electric for Long)2,400 yenBicycle with a large battery. Good for long trips.

With Child seat

  • MF type (with Child / Front seat)1,500 yenGood for a trip with your child (weight under 15kg).
  • MR type (with Child / Rear seat)1,500 yenGood for a trip with your child (weight under 22kg).
  • EM type (Electric with Child for Long)2,700 yenGood for a trip with your child (weight under 22kg).

For Kids

  • K type (For Kids)1,200 yenBicycle for 125cm tall & over. A Helmet is included.

Option Lineup

Original Map

  • Cycling Map
    Cycling MapFREEThe helpful cycling map written in English will be provided for free!

Using Time

  • Late Return
    Late Return¥400You can prolong the using time until night time.

Return Place

  • Return at Your Hotel
    Return at Your Hotel¥0Available at hotels which have a parking lot for bicycles
  • Return at Other Branch
    Return at Other Branch¥0You can return bicycles at FLAGSHIP.
About Delivery and Picking-up fee
※The fee for “Return at Your Hotel” and “Return at Other Branch” is included in the delivery and picking-up fee (1,000 yen).


  • Luggage Delivery
    Luggage Delivery¥700We can send your luggage to your hotel by 6 pm.


  • CashJapanese Yen
  • Credit cardVISA / MasterCard / JCB / AMEX / DISCOVER / Diners Club


We’re sorry, we can’t show you “Availability” for Delivery.