Rental Bicycle Shop in Kyoto

We, KYOTO ECO TRIP, are a rental bicycle shop that have 3 shops in Kyoto city. We offer 11 different kinds of bicycles that you can choose from. We also provide you with our original made cycling map for free! Start your journey from any of our shops and enjoy the amazing city of Kyoto to its fullest!


3 Shops in Kyoto

Various Types of Bicycles

City Cruisers

  • A type (No gearshift)900 yenGood for short trips around our shops.
  • B type (3 gearshifts)1,100 yenThe most popular bicycle at our shops.
  • C type (8 gearshifts)1,300 yenStylish minivelo bicycle with 8 speed gears.

Electric Assist Bicycles

  • E type (Electric for Short)2,000 yenStylish minivelo bicycle with a small battery.
  • ES type (Electric Sports for Short)2,000 yenSporty minivelo bicycle with a small battery.
  • EA type (Electric for Long)2,200 yenBicycle with a large battery. Good for long trips.

Sports Bicycle

  • X type(Cross Bike)1,800円Hybrid sports bicycle with no basket.

With Child seat

  • MF type (with Child / Front seat)1,400 yenGood for a trip with your child (weight under 15kg).
  • MR type (with Child / Rear seat)1,400 yenGood for a trip with your child (weight under 22kg).
  • EM type (Electric with Child for Long)2,500 yenGood for a trip with your child (weight under 22kg).

For Kids

  • K type (For Kids)1,100 yenBicycle for children above 125cm tall. A helmet is included.

Many kinds of Options

Is this your first time biking in Kyoto? Don’t worry! Our helpful cycling map is written in English and will be provided for free!

KYOTO ECO TRIP is Authorized Rental Bicycle Shop

Authorized Rental Bicycle Shop
KYOTO ECO TRIP is authorized by Kyoto city because we provide safe and secure services for our customers.
3 important points for safety and security
  1. Official mechanics maintain bicycles every day.
  2. In case you have a puncture, we deliver an alternative bicycle or pay the cost of repairs.
  3. The charge for the bicycle includes the insurance for the body injury and property damage liability.

Reservation in Advance

Why don’t you make a reservation online in advance? We have a reservation system to make it easier for you to plan your travels. Reserve your bicycles beforehand and enjoy your trip comfortably and efficiently!

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